Burke Transit

Burke Transit

Burke Transit provides rural transportation on a per call basis.  Office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Closed weekends & holidays. Starting April 16th, hours will be Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Phone # 706-554-1660.  Call to request service.  At least 36 hours advanced request usually required.

No charter service available.  No van rentals available.

Burke Transit Fare Information:

Burke Transit provides transportation within Burke County and to Richmond County.  Transportation is provided for medical appointments, pharmacy visits, school, work, & shopping.  Wheelchair access is available, call 706-554-1660 to specify and to receive information on available services. 

For riders ages 60+: roundtrip within Burke County is $6 and $18 for a roundtrip to Richmond County. 

For riders under age 60: $8 roundtrip within Burke County for medical appointments and pharmacy visits, $10 roundtrip for school and work.  And, $22 roundtrip to Richmond County.

References and Resources concerning Burke Transit & transportation information

  Burke Transit Title VI Plan

 Notice of Rights Title VI

 Title VI Complaint Form

  Follow this link for the ADA Discrimination Complaint form.  After completing the form, the complaint will be reviewed by Transit Administrative Staff: https://www.ada.gov/t2cmpfrm.htm

 Burke Transit ADA Reasonable Accommodations document Burke_Transit_ADA_Reasonable_Accommodation_policies_and_practices.docx

 Follow this link for the Civil Rights Complaint Form  Civil_Rights_Complaint_Form_for_Transit.pdf

 To contact LogistiCare (Medicaid recipients only),  call 888-224-7988

Seniors seeking information on various transportation options in our region, may contact the Area Agency on Aging at 706-210-2018 or 866-552-4464