Solicitor General’s Office

Matthew W. Franklin is the Solicitor General for the State Court of Burke County. The Solicitor General prosecutes all misdemeanor criminal offenses including DUI cases, traffic violations, theft cases, domestic violence, and other non-traffic misdemeanor offenses occurring in Burke County. 

Office Address:


195 Court Street

Waynesboro, GA 


 (706) 437-0464

Office Hours:


Monday - Friday

8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.



Office Contact: 


Matthew Franklin
Solicitor General
Phone: (706) 437-0464
Fax: (706) 437-0962
Additional Office Staff:

 Jennie Q. Oglesby
Assistant Case Manager
Phone: (706) 437-0464
Fax: (706) 437-0962
Karen Ellison
Victim Assistance Program Coordinator
Phone: (706) 437-1424
Fax:  (706) 437-0962