Tax Commissioner

Marian S. Jackson
Burke County Tax Commissioner
Burke County Tax Commissioner
Marian S. Jackson, Tax Commissioner
801 North Liberty Street - P O Box 671
Waynesboro, GA 30830
706-554-3223 (office)
706-554-8746 (fax)
Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


The Tax Commissioner's Office is the billing and collection entity of ad valorem tax for County and State Government and Board of Education.

Ad valorem  tax is the primary source of revenue for local governments in Georgia.


Procedures for Requests for Tax & License Refund pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 48-5-380

1.    Taxpayer must submit his request for a refund in writing to the County Commissioners Office, except that any request for refund regarding an alleged improperly applied homestead exemptions shall be submitted to the Tax Commissioner.   Applications for reimbursement will be provided by the County Administrator and will be made available on the County Website.  No request for reimbursement will be considered without a completed application.

2.    The application shall provide, at a minimum, the following information:

a. Name of Taxpayer as it appears on Tax Bill
b. Parcel Number or identification of materials on which refund is requested
c. The tax years for which a refund is requested
d. Any documentation or other evidence supporting the taxpayers claim for reimbursement.

3.    The County Administrator and Tax Commissioner in matters concerning the application of homestead exemptions, shall review all applications.  The Board of Commissioners delegates authority to the County Administrator and Tax Commissioner to determine whether an obvious error has been committed by the Tax Commissioner or any member of the Burke County government.   Any application that may not be clearly granted or denied by the County Administrator and Tax Commissioner shall be submitted to the County Attorney for review. 

4.    If the County Administrator and Tax Commissioner determines that the original bill was obviously in error, the County Administrator or Tax Commissioner may refund the difference in the taxes paid and the correct amount due.  If the County Administrator and Tax Commissioner determine the original bill was obviously not in error, the application for refund shall be denied.  Any decision of the County Administrator and Tax Commissioner may be appealed to the Burke County Board of Commissioners by filing a written request for appeal with the County Administrator within 15 days of the County Administrator or Tax Commissioner’s decision.  Appeals shall be handled in the same manner as the provisions found in Section 6.

5.    The County Administrator and Tax Commissioner shall render a decision on the request for refund or forward the same to the County Attorney within 30 days of receipt of the request.

6.    In matters submitted to the County Attorney, the County Attorney shall review the same and report the findings to the Board of Commissioners at either a regularly scheduled or called meeting.  The applicant shall be given notice of the date where the findings shall be reported.  A hearing shall be held on the application at the County Commission meeting.  The matter shall be introduced by the County Attorney and the applicant shall be afforded a maximum of 5 minutes to address the matters contained in the application.  Following the hearing, the Board of Commissioners shall make a decision as to the application.

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