Welcome to Burke County, Georgia


Burke County Emergency Management Agency is the ambulance service provider for Burke County, the
fire department for Burke County and its municipalities except the City of Waynesboro, and we handle
emergency plans and preparedness as the county’s emergency management agency. There are 12 EMA
stations in Burke County. Our agency is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

CodeRed Alerts:
CodeRed Alerts allow you to receive messages directly from Burke County EMA related to emergencies
and preparedness in our area. You’ll also receive weather alerts specifically for your address. You must
use a Burke County address. You may sign up your home address and phone number as well as your
Burke County business. To sign up, click this link Community Notification Enrollment (coderedweb.com)

EMA phone numbers:
Non-emergency calls 706-554-6651
Billing inquiries 762-225-6577
To apply for a job or inquiries call 762-225-6578


Per Burke County Emergency Management Agency:  Smoke detectors are so important! Being alerted quickly to smoke in your home saves lives! If you do not have working smoke detectors installed in your home and are in need:

The American Red Cross has provided a limited number of FREE smoke detectors for us to give out. If you’re interested in a FREE smoke detector, you can simply complete a form at our headquarters or call Amber at 762-225-6578. EMA headquarters is located in Waynesboro at the intersection of the Bypass and Highway 24 (address:  277 Hwy 24 South Waynesboro, GA). If you need assistance installing the smoke detector, please let us know when you call or complete the form.

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