Welcome to Burke County, Georgia

Tax Assessor Responsibility

The Tax Assessor's office maintains records of all real and personal property within the county, and sets the fair market value of each parcel. Records kept include aerial maps, property record cards depicitng fair market value, building and accessory data, and deed and plat references. The Board of Tax Assessors directs a staff of appraisers to obtain and review all characteristics fo each property within the county to insure the accuracy of the property record. Each year, the compilation of these records results in the tax digest.

The tax digest is the sum total of all taxable property within the county. The digest is divided by the budgets set by the county Board of Commissioners and the local School Board to derive a millage rate. The various cities within Burke County set their own budgets and millage rates. The resulting millage rates are then multiplied by a property owner's assessed property value to determine the portion of the buget that each taxpayer is responsible for. Those taxes are then used to fund services to the residents.  

The Tax Assessors' Office is not responsible for tax bills and does not collect tax.